K9 Bloodhound Ajax 6-10-2018

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SPOTSYLVANIA SHERIFF’S OFFICE On 6-10-18 Sgt. Myrick and K9 Ajax responded to assist the City of Fredericksburg with a track for subjects breaking into vehicles and shooting windows out. When Sgt. Myrick arrived on scene K9 Ajax conducted a point last seen track in the grass. K9 Ajax pulled over the grass and then through tall [...]

K9 Lex 11-29-2018

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CITY OF FREDERICKSBURG PD On 11-29-18 Sgt. Lynch and K9 Lex responded to assist the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office with a track for a fraud case. Sgt. Lynch and K9 Lex started a track on asphalt. Sgt. Lynch and K9 Lex pulled over the asphalt and through the woods to another asphalt parking lot. K9 Lex then [...]

K-9 Lex 9-4-2018

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CITY OF FREDERICKSBURG PD On 9-4-18 Sgt. Lynch and K9 Lex responded to assist with a track for a recovered stolen automobile. Sgt. Lynch and K9 Lex started a track on grass where the suspect was last seen. The track was complex in the city streets with several turns. A caller called in reporting a location [...]

K9 Neko 7-1-2018

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On 7/1/2018 @ 0037hrs Sgt. Sproule and K9 Neko responded to assist Manassas City PD with a bail out.  Three people had bailed out of the vehicle and perimeter units caught 1.  A track was conducted from where the suspect was stopped.  With no known direction of travel K9 Neko was casted in the area.  K9 [...]

K-9 Steel 11-27-2018

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11-27-18 @ 1820 hours Deputy Demirci assisted in searching for suspects that shot into a townhouse.  The arriving deputy saw one of the suspects behind the townhomes.  He advised Dep. Demirci that he had charges for the shooting and for possession of narcotics.  Demirci and Steel tracked behind the townhomes toward the woods then in front [...]

K-9 Lobo 7-14-2018

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7-14-18  @  2238 HOURS Master Deputy Smith assisted after a suspect fled from a traffic stop.  The primary deputy attempted a foot pursuit but lost the driver after chasing across Rt. 17.  Smith and Lobo tracked the suspect for about 50 yards in short grass before turning toward a gravel road into waist high weeds and [...]

K-9 Khaos 10-27-2018

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10-27-18  @ 18:12 hours Patrol unit made a traffic stop.  He and a backup deputy tried to identify the front seat passenger who appeared to be giving false I.D.  While they were researching his info, they lost track of him and he simply walked away toward a neighboring Fas Mart.  I was already en route because [...]