On 7/1/2018 @ 0037hrs Sgt. Sproule and K9 Neko responded to assist Manassas City PD with a bail out.  Three people had bailed out of the vehicle and perimeter units caught 1.  A track was conducted from where the suspect was stopped.  With no known direction of travel K9 Neko was casted in the area.  K9 Neko began to track behind several adjacent houses leading to a 8’ high fence.  K9 Neko tried desperately to scale the 8’ fence.  Sgt. Sproule was able to smell the odor of marijuana.  Units were eventually able to unlock the gate and make entry into the back yard.  The back yard was cleared of persons but K9 Neko located 2 large ziplock bags filled with marijuana.  Upon finding the marijuana, the detained suspect gave up all the other names of people involved.  An article search was performed as we back tracked to the suspect vehicle.  A scale with marijuana on it was located during the article search.  A sniff of the vehicle was also conducted with a positive indication and alert.  Marijuana was located in the vehicle.