11-27-18 @ 1820 hours

Deputy Demirci assisted in searching for suspects that shot into a townhouse.  The arriving deputy saw one of the suspects behind the townhomes.  He advised Dep. Demirci that he had charges for the shooting and for possession of narcotics.  Demirci and Steel tracked behind the townhomes toward the woods then in front of another set of townhomes and up a flight of exterior steps.  Steel then turned right and tracked toward bushes.  Demirci saw a patch of blue in the bush and gave several commands for the suspect to show his hands or he would be bitten.  The suspect did not show his hands.  Steel was sent for a physical apprehension.  He bit the suspect on his left hip.  The suspect then rolled on top of Steel’s head.  Steel then disengaged and reengaged more advantageously on the suspect’s right hip.  Steel held that grip until a unit was able to gain positive control of the suspect.