7-14-18  @  2238 HOURS

Master Deputy Smith assisted after a suspect fled from a traffic stop.  The primary deputy attempted a foot pursuit but lost the driver after chasing across Rt. 17.  Smith and Lobo tracked the suspect for about 50 yards in short grass before turning toward a gravel road into waist high weeds and thorns.  When the two approached the gravel road, the suspect said “okay” and raised his hands.  He surrendered and was taken into custody.  Smith then scanned the suspect vehicle.  Lobo indicated on several areas inside and outside the vehicle.  However, no contraband was located.  Therefore, Smith took Lobo back to the area of the track and worked a dense thorny area.  Lobo indicated and alerted on a plastic bag that was found to contain marijuana.  The passenger of the vehicle admitted that the driver was supposed to be selling him marijuana.  The driver was charged with PWID marijuana, eluding and defective equipment.