10-27-18  @ 18:12 hours

Patrol unit made a traffic stop.  He and a backup deputy tried to identify the front seat passenger who appeared to be giving false I.D.  While they were researching his info, they lost track of him and he simply walked away toward a neighboring Fas Mart.  I was already en route because the primary deputy anticipated a drug scan.  When I arrived, I started with the scan of the car.  Khaos indicated and alerted on the driver’s door of the mini-van.  I then took Khaos to the Fas Mart parking lot to attempt a track.  He immediately started tracking intensely from the middle of the asphalt.  We track past the right side of the plaza, made a left on the pavement then a right into the woods behind.  Khaos continued tracking hard for about 150 yards until he began air scenting to our right.  He followed that air scent to the suspect who was lying face down in the bushes.  He was taken into custody without further incident.  After the suspect was secured I took Khaos back in to conduct an article search (working backward from end to start).  He started by alerting on an unsmoked cigarette the suspect was holding when located.  He found nothing further until he reached the point where the track left the parking lot and entered the woods.  He alerted under a bush.  After rewarding him, I found a loaded .40 cal. Handgun under the leaves beneath the bush.  The suspect was finally properly identified and found to be a felon.  Heroin was also found in his wallet along with paraphernalia and about 20 heroin capsules inside the van. The suspect was charged with eluding, false I.D., obstruction, possession of heroin, possession of a firearm by a felon and served with multiple existing warrants out of Roanoke.