Public website content will be made accessible as much as possible to users with physical or cognitive disabilities. In an effort to improve accessibility, the VPCA website utilizes various features like use of descriptive alternative text or ‘alt tags’ on images to aid users who listen to content on the site using a screen reader.

There are numerous Portable Document Format (PDF) documents on the VPCA website to help users download and print easily. To navigate through text-only PDF files using a screen reader, such as JAWS, you will need a PDF reader. You can download a free copy of a PDF Reader at Adobe or Foxit.

Browsers are updated frequently to offer new features, improve performance and most importantly, address security issues. The VPCA website is optimized for the latest version of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari) that are in the current official release, and one release prior as supported by the vendor. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest browsers for a safe, fast, and best experience, if possible.


  • Pages are coded in HTML 5.

  • Styles are formatted using the Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3) specification.

  • Manual usability testing is conducted periodically to ensure the pages are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

  • JavaScript and cookies are used only when necessary. To experience the full functionality of the site (search and menus), it is necessary to have JavaScript enabled. We recommend keeping your browser’s default JavaScript settings, which comes with JavaScript enabled.