This is an alphabetical listing of specific articles developed to help inform and improve training of Handlers and thier K9 Partners. As new articles are discussed and published, they will be added to this list for reading and discussion. We encourage all Handlers and K9 Teams to pursue new training methods, discuss methods that work to resolve issues, and to strive to improve the ability our our K9 Teams to be proficient in their highly demanding profession.

Trainer Notes Articles


  • Changes In Behavior Associated With Age In Dogs, by Ron Gendron & Debra Horwitz
         - Some behavioral issues and solutions for aging dogs.

  • The Decoy Cover-up, by Michael Wentworth - Powhatan County Sheriff's Office
         - Problems discovered during a street patrol, and methods developed to overcome these problems.

  • Heat Injury In Working Dogs, by Janice Baker DVM - Veterinary Tactical Group
         - Identifying and treating heat-related injuries in working dogs.

  • Seven Ways to Keep Your K9 Safe in Harsh Winter Weather, by Clint Thimons - LawOfficer.Com
         - Seven simple steps to ensure that your K9 partner remains safe and healthy during winter operations. (Third-party website - LawOfficer.Com)

  • Training For The Street, by Jeff Meyer - Police K9 Magazine
         - The importance incoporating certification tests into the way you train, not training to pass certification tests.


  • Virginia Police Canine Association Virginia Police Canine Association Virginia Police Canine Association