Please Note: The Virginia Police Canine Association cannot accept donations of animals or place animals in homes. Our Members are law enforcement officers with a multitude of duties. Each Member Agency has differing criteria for purchasing police animals, and these agencies would need to be contacted directly in regards to their specific criteria. We are happy that dog owners are looking for groups to take dogs that would be good for police work. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with placement of animals. We encourage anyone looking to find a new home for a great dog to contact the ASPCA, their local SPCA, or check our Links page for a rescue organization.

     The Virginia Police Canine Association accepts monetary donations from citizens, companies, and organizations who wish to help us in providing high-level training to our Police K9 Teams. Training equipment constantly needs to be replaced and new equipment can be costly. Member agencies provide their K9 Teams with equipment, but training aids and bite suits are not commonly issued to the teams. Interested parties who wish to donate a few dollars to our Association can greatly help our training programs!

     The cost to outfit one K9 with a ballistic vest runs approximately $1500 per K9. Each vest is custom-fit to the K9, and the Kevlar in the vests has an active service life of only 5 years. Once a K9 retires or the vest expires, a new vest must be custom-fit again. Many agencies do not budget money to outfit their K9's with ballistic vests, as some see the costs as prohibitive. One of the goals of the VPCA is to outfit each member K9 Team with ballistic protection.

     Please contact our Treasurer, Chad Brubaker, if you would like to donate to the Virginia Police Canine Association, or should you have questions about making donations. We are a non-profit organization and do not pay any of our members!

     Soon we hope to be able to provide our visitors with an on-line donation system, but there are many costs involved with getting this set up. In the meantime, we would like to THANK everyone for their support, as every little bit helps us to achieve our goals.

Attn: Chad Brubaker
78 West Lee Street
Warrenton, VA 20186
(703) 335-0665


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