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     To simplify the listings of submissions for the 2015 "Case Of The Year" Award, we offer this summary page for each K9 Team that submitted cases for this year. These are ordered by the case Occurrence Date. Click on the page link for each case to view the detailed listing for that K9 Team. Some of the cases have addresses removed to protect identities or for cases that have not been resolved through the court system. All suspects are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. These cases are from official reports submitted by each officer for cases that meet the above criteria for 2015 "Case Of The Year" Award.

Explosives Detection Cases

  • Building Search [Explosives]: 09/29/2015 - K9 Shadow/Sgt Cline; Harrisonburg Police Dept.
    - K9 assisted on a Search Warrant that revealed a stolen handgun and several magazines with ammunition in a residence.

  • Explosives Search [Explosives]: 02/15/2015 - K9 Havoc/Deputy Truslow; Stafford Sheriff's Office.
    - Offenders repeatedly shot into random homes late at night. K9 Havoc searched property spanned 20 acres for explosives. K9 Havoc alerted on rear tractor trailer parked on property. Search revealed a hidden compartment containing 4 firearms, ammunition and spent shell casings.

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    Narcotics Detection Cases

  • Parcel Interdiction [Narcotics]: 01/07/2015 - K9 Streak/MPO Dolph; Harrisonburg Police Dept.
    - K9 Streak conducted free air sniff and subsequent search warrant, package revealed 5 pounds of marijuana. Marijuana was inside normal plastic bag, then into vacuum sealed bag, and third plastic "odor blocking bag".

  • Narcotics Search Warrant [Narcotics]: 02/19/2015 - K9 Doerak/Officer Wright; Harrisonburg Police Dept.
    - K9 Doerak was requested to conduct sniff of living room. K9 Doerak alerted to Pelican case secured with two padlocks. Upon opening case, recovered was 6 pounds of marijuana.

  • Vehicle Sniff [Narcotics]: 03/16/2015 - K9 Kato/Deputy Emmel; Culpeper Sheriff's Office
    - During traffic stop, vehicle refused to stop for 1½ miles. A bag was thrown out passenger side before stopped. K9 Kato alerted outside and inside of truck. Seized $10,771 from driver, 7 grams ($2840) of heroin thrown, 40.50 grams ($16,200) heroin in truck, 1.14 grams ($10) marijuana, and ($15,255) suspect vehicle; followed by another search warrant seizing $30,000. Total seizure was $75,111.

  • Vehicle Sniff [Narcotics]: 03/20/2015 - K9 Walker/Deputy Schmidt; Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office
    - K9 Walker conducted exterior vehicle sniff. Search of vehicle/occupants resulted in 1 lbs. of Cocaine, 2 Schedule I Pills, 6 grams of Marijuana, $6000 cash, and seizure of a BMW. Two more search warrants resulted in 8 oz. cocaine along with Glock pistol and assault rifle. Overall total seizure was approximately $80,000.

  • Parcel Interdiction [Narcotics]: 04/09/2015 - K9 Bilbo/Deputy Watson; Culpeper Sheriff's Office
    - K9 Bilbo conducted free air sniff of package and subsequent to search warrant, package revealed 5 pounds of marijuana heat wrapped inside container. Conducted a search of the residence seizing additional 1½ pounds of marijuana, 23 dose units of MDMA, and $60,312 cash.

  • Vehicle Sniff [Narcotics]: 05/02/2015 - K9 Max/Officer Moyers; Harrisonburg Police Dept.
    - During vehicle sniff, K9 Max alerted on driver side door and passenger side seat area. Hand search revealed smoking device and several sandwich size bags of marijuana stuffed under passenger seat.

  • Vehicle Sniff [Narcotics]: 07/09/2015 - K9 Max/Sergeant Lynch; Fredericksburg Police Dept.
    - Conducted a narcotics search of a warehouse and its contents, which also included vehicles. During one vehicle sniff, K9 Max alerted on the vehicle, finding 2 pounds of marijuana.

  • Narcotic Search Warrant [Narcotics]: 09/22/2015 - K9 Karma/Deputy Kerns; Culpeper Sheriff's Office
    - Assisting with search warrant of residence for narcotics. Searched numerous rooms locating the marijuana, pill grinder with marijuana, and crack cocaine. The total amount worth $810.

  • Vehicle Sniff [Narcotics]: 11/16/2015 - K9 Sabot/Deputy Myrick; Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office
    - K9 Sabot responded to assist the Narcotics Unit for an exterior vehicle sniff. On the first pass K9 Sabot alerted on the vehicle. Vehicle revealed 1½ pounds of marijuana. A search of the subject's residence revealed 1¼ pounds of marijuana. Overall 2¾ pounds of marijuana was seized.

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    Patrol Utility Cases

  • Burglary Track [Patrol]: 02/23/2015 - K9 Jase/Deputy Ridings; Spotsylvania Sheriff Office
    - K9 Jase began a track through woods and fences. As they neared a house, the door to the residence was slammed. A perimeter was set up and after approximately 1½ hours, a search warrant was executed finding numerous pieces of stolen property from several burglaries.

  • Physical Apprehension [Patrol]: 03/24/2015 - K9 Eagle/Deputy Seay; Spotsylvania Sheriff Office
    - K9 Eagle assisted other units with an exterior vehicle sniff. The front passenger exited the vehicle, he shoved a deputy, and fled on foot. K9 Eagle was deployed and quickly caught the male, taking him to the ground. The male punched K9 Eagle directly in the head, who then engaged the male in the leg. The male was also wanted out of Orange County..

  • Bail-out Track [Patrol]: 04/01/2015 - K9 Max/Sergeant Lynch; Fredericksburg Police Dept.
    - Responded to assist VSP track on bail-out from traffic stop. K9 Max tracked down road and to steep hill to thorn-ridden creek. K9 Max pulled to tarp laying on ground next to privacy fence. Tarp began to move so Sgt. Lynch gave K9 Announcements. The suspect appeared and was taken into custody without further incident.

  • Location Track [Patrol]: 04/16/2015 - K9 Sabre/Deputy Gould; Spotsylvania Sheriff Office
    - Domestic assault suspect reportedly fled residence with gun, threatening suicide. K9 Sabre located suspect, who had shot himself in head. Deputy Gould performed first aid on male, who was still breathing and would survive suicide attempt because of quick location and quick first aid.

  • Physical Apprehension [Patrol]: 06/08/2015 - K9 Loki/Officer Merrell; Fredericksburg Police Dept.
    - Started a track in a driveway for a residence. K9 Loki tracked a ways ending down into a ravine. One suspect, hidden from view beneath a log, was physically apprehended in the leg. A semi-automatic pistol was located also.

  • K9 Surrender [Patrol]: 07/06/2015 - K9 Havoc/Deputy Truslow; Stafford Sheriff's Office.
    - Three offenders robbed bank, fled on foot. K9 tracked through rough, muddy terrain toward lake. K9 Havoc was sent for apprehension, suspects surrendered to K9 and were arrested.

  • Physical Apprehension [Patrol]: 08/20/2015 - K9 Neko/Officer Sproule ; Manassas Park Police Dept.
    - K9 Team dispatched to alarm call and was deployed upon arrival. Noticed the front door not secured and male subject walking around a room. Subject looked towards K9 Team, dropped a backpackand ran down a hallway. K9 Neko conducted building search down the hallway. K9 Neko located and physically apprehended the subject attempting to hide behind stack of chairs.

  • Physical Apprehension [Patrol]: 09/01/2015 - K9 Hulk/Deputy Wright; Spotsylvania Sheriff Office
    - Responded for a suicidal male who fled his residence with a gun. While units were speaking with him, the male discharged the gun into the air. After placing the gun on the ground, then became enraged running towards the gun. K9 Hulk deployed and took the male to the ground.

  • Article Search [Patrol]: 10/10/2015 - K9 Hunter/Deputy Gore ; Culpeper Sheriff's Office
    - Article search for hunting violation involving an illegally shot deer. Discovered deer had been drug into woods and left behind with firearms to hide evidence. Quickly located the deer approximately 30-45 yards away. K9 recast up hill, located both firearms.

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    Search & Rescue Cases

  • Missing Juvenile [SAR]: 03/26/2015 - K9 Ajax/Deputy Myrick ; Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office
    - Deputy Myrick obtained a scent article for the track, then deployed K9 Ajax for a track. While in briars after a distance, K9 Ajax located a toy car belonging to the runaway juvenile. Another hundred yards into a patch of woods, the juvenile was located. The juvenile handed over a loaded revolver and admitted to running away so his mom would come look for him and he would kill her. He also admitted to wanting kill Deputy Myrick.

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