Police K9      The Virginia Police Canine Association is a law enforcement group that trains and supports police canines and handlers for member law enforcement agencies. Police canine teams can be certified in narcotics detection, explosives detection, cadaver detection, search and rescue, wildlife detection, and Patrol/Utility. Patrol/Utility canine teams are certified in criminal apprehension, tracking, article recovery, building and area searches, and crowd control. Member agencies consist of Police Departments and Sheriff's Offices all across northern and central Virginia, and federal or nationwide law enforcement agencies are welcome.

     All K9 Teams undergo Certification Testing annually, in accordance with the VPCA's established Certifications guidelines. In order to be deemed 'Certified' through VPCA, K9 Teams must prove their proficiency in the areas in which the K9 Team will function in real life situations. Certification tests and weekly K9 training sessions are conducted using scenario-based evolutions that are consistent with real-life performance. VPCA minimizes the amount of pattern-based training sessions, and focuses on actions in training being performed as they would be in real-life incidents. VPCA also uses many training areas throughout member Agency jurisdictions to reduce environmental training, or the pattern-based training that comes with training repeatedly in the same training field. K9 Teams operate in a variety of environments and locations, and VPCA feels that the training should cover the vast variety of environments and locations as well.

Police K9      Along with practical hands-on scenario-based training sessions, VPCA strives to ensure that its members are proficient in the courtroom as well as on the streets. Periodic Legal Update courses and court-related training sessions are conducted to enhance the K9 Handler's courtroom testimony and preparation of court documentation. Peer Reviews, report writing conferences, and case-management sessions are also conducted throughout the year to maintain the high level of professionalism demanded of Police K9 Teams. Case Law studies and Moot Court scenarios are also conducted to keep K9 Handlers, Supervisors, and local judicial officials apprised of changes in case law and of strategies when prosecuting K9 cases.

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German Shepherd

  • To unite and assist all law enforcement agencies in the training and continued improvement of all Police work dogs.
  • To establish a working standard for all police work dogs, Handlers and trainers through an Accreditation program.
  • To provide educational material through publications, visual aids, and training seminars.
  • To improve the image of the working police canines to the general public through improved public service in the prevention and detection of crime.
  • To continually train and improve the services of the canine as an aid in the prevention and detection of crime.
  • To strive to educate the general public of the abilities of working police canines through demonstrations and public events.
  • To endeavor to establish the highest standard of training, and to certify the abilities of the canine in police work.
  • To coordinate peer reviews and the exchange of ideas for advanced training techniques utilizing police canines.
  • To endeavor to maintain high levels of knowledge of US and Virginia case law relating to police canines.
  • To assist law enforcement agencies in establishing and maintaining the highest standards for the canine sections of their respective departments.

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The Virginia Police Canine Association gratefully accepts donations from citizens and corporations to assist us in replacing training equipment used to keep our K9 Teams highly trained and ready for duty. We do not accept donations of animals for police work or home placement, as each Member Agency has its own criteria for animals. If you wish to find a home for an animal, please see our Links page for shelters and agencies that specialize in rescue and adoptions.

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         Not a member of the VPCA Yahoo Group? Contact our Secretary for instructions on how to access the VPCA Yahoo Group. To be eligible for the Group, you MUST be a current member in good standing with the VPCA. Contact us for more information on joining the VPCA.


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  • Regular Training
    - Date: February 25, 2015
    - Time: 0900
    - Location: Meet at Pro-K9 at 0900. Training sites will be TBD dependent on the weather.
    Additional info and addresses on Training Info page.

  • 7 Ways to Keep Your K9 Safe in Harsh Winter Weather
    - (Third-party website - LawOfficer.Com)

  • Treating Heat Related K9 Injuries
    - Read the "Treating Heat Related K9 Injuries" article.
    - Read other "Ask Our Trainers" articles.

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         Not a member of the VPCA Yahoo Group? Contact our Secretary for instructions on how to access the VPCA Yahoo Group. To be eligible for the Group, you MUST be a current member in good standing with the VPCA. Contact us for more information on joining the VPCA.


         VPCA 2013 IRON DOG was held at Signal Hill Park in Manassas Park, Virginia on Saturday, September 21st this year. This year's event had 27 teams enter to participate in the competition from jurisdictions across Virginia and Maryland.
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    Past IRON DOG Winners


         We are looking for corporate sponsors willing to donate funds for next years' event or to donate products for our raffle prizes. Monetary donations of $250 or more will place the corporate logo on our t-shirts given to competitors and that are available for purchase by spectators. All donated products or prizes will be raffled off during the event. Contact Mario Lugo for more information on becoming a 2014 IRON DOG Sponsor.

    Visit our 2013 IRON DOG Sponsors.

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    Thin Blue Line Paracord Bracelets

    Survival Bracelets
    Buy A Survival Bracelet -
    Help A VPCA K9 Get A Ballistic Vest!

         ThinBlueLineParacordBraclet.Com has partnered with the Virginia Police Canine Association to help protect our Working Dogs. Many Police K9's do not have bullet-proof vests due to budgetary crisises and cut-backs. While these Police K9's are not aware of the dangers they face while faithfully serving the Community they work in, we are well aware of the dangers they face.
         ThinBlueLineParacordBraclet.Com has promised to donate a portion of each sale of these beautiful military-style survival bracelets to purchase a ballistic vest for one of the K9's who belong to the VPCA. While these vests are expensive, you can help our cause and get a beautiful bracelet out of the deal. These bracelets come in a wide variety of color combinations, and you can even custom order your own colors - for a sports team, college, or any other reason.

    Please visit ThinBlueLineParacordBraclet.Com and see what they can make for you, and help protect our Police K9's on the streets!

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